School and county mandated rules for class are as follows.

Uniform Policy


All students must wear the mandatory P.E Uniform for class. Update: Just need cameras on for workouts during virtual learning

  •  Grey  Shirt 
  • Black Shorts

Wear appropriate shoes for athletics

Sneakers only- no boots or dress shoes of any kind.

Students who are not properly dressed will receive a zero for the day and not be allowed to participate in any activity. The Physical Education Department makes no exceptions to this rule.



    In order to be excused from participation in physical education, a student must:

  Bring a written note from a parent (maximum of three days).

  • Bring a doctor's note for all excuses beyond three days.
  • Written work will be assigned for all excuses; however, it is the student’s responsibility to inform the teacher.
  •  Make-up work must be turned in within three days unless otherwise directed
  • If you are out for an extend period of time, please refer to the ABSENT WORK link.


Locks and Locker Room Policy


·         Students are not to share lockers.


·         Each student will be assigned a locker and given a combination lock to be used to secure clothing, shoes and personal items.


·         Students must lock up their belongings at all items.


·         Students are not to leave any items on the floor or bleachers.


·         We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


·         At the end of the semester, all locks must be returned.


·         Students are responsible for their lock and must pay a $5.00 replacement fee for any lost or stolen locks.


·         Food and drinks are not permitted in the locker room or gym area.


·         Students will be allotted 5-10 minutes to dress. Violators will be considered late for class.


·         Students will be allotted 5-10 minutes to dress at the end of class and are to leave from the locker room when they are instructed to by the teacher not the bell.  Violators that choose to leave early will be considered cutting class.


Grading Policy


The following grading scale will be used by the department.

100% - 90%:

1.  Completes all activities with maximum effort and enthusiasm.

2.  Demonstrates responsibility, initiative, leadership, and good sportsmanship Treats classmates and teach with respect; does not argue or display negative body language.


               3.  Maintains an A or B average on all written tests or other assignments.

89% - 80%:

 1.  Meets requirements 1 thru 3 above.

2.  Maintains at least a B or C on all written tests or other assignments Receives no more than 2 zeros during the grading period. 


79% - 65%

1.  Student's performance, participation, responsibility, promptness to class is

     evaluated as an average.                 

2.      Maintains a C average on all written tests and other written assignments


64% - 50%:

1.  Student's performance and participation are poor.

2.  The student put forth very little effort and is uncooperative. 

3.  Receives no more than 4 zeros during, the marking period.

50% - 0%:

 1.  A student receives more than six zeros during- the grading period.

2.  Show little to no effort to participate in activities at anytime during class.

Things You Can Do At Home To Help Your Child At School:


*        Ask your child about school and take an interest in what they are learning.

*        Make sure they get enough sleep.

*        Set limits on the amount of television they watch.

*        Make sure they have enough to eat. 

*        Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!