2022-2023 Class schedule

1A Physical Training

2A Planning
3A Team Sports

4A Physical Training

1B Lifetime Sports

2B Planning

3B Lifetime Sports 

4B Physical Training

 My Education Philosophy

1. Lines of communication: I believe as an educator you must know how to communicate with your students given there levels of understanding and knowledge.

2. Understanding the instructor’s limitations: It is my philosophy to try to teach everyone the same, but we all know that is not going to happen. It is my duty to know when I am going too far for a minority of students at the expense of the majority. I am speaking in terms of teaching and re-teaching in order of obtaining results of the class.

3. Knowing your audience: A strong point of my teaching has always been my ability to adapt to the student’s needs. I believe it is important to reach the student in your way that is understood.

4. Striking from different medians: No one wants just a lecture all the time or even group work or individual work. In order to establish a flourishing classroom, you should hit the students with information from many different points of views.

5. Laying down the Rule: You must have control of your classroom at all times. With the way the school system is now you have less and less control over what you can do. But how your class is run should never be an issue, you must have that in control at all times.