We are all in the middle of a global pandemic, and I will try my best to provide everything that is needed for class resources for my class in addition to other physical education classes.  I want everyone to stay safe and we will advance forward to maintain a quality physical education program.  I will work with Edmodo and google class alerts to make sure everyone is informed.













 I am Larry Austin a Health and Physical Education teacher at High Point High school in Prince Georges County Maryland.  This web-site is STRICTLY used for the sole purpose of educating the students in my Physical Education classes at High Point High School.  I constructed this site to help my students understand and keep up with the heavy information load this class carries.  If you (my student) or your son/daughter are absent for any reason during the week from my class, you now have the resource to catch-up on the work that you missed.




This website will be updated weekly and necessary changes will be made to keep the content current with the activities going on in my class.