Welcome to the total Virtual Show!!


Welcome all to the new 2020-2021 school year and with change come innovation.  I am moving on from Edmodo and I have converted all of my classes to Google classroom.  For those of you that are in my class this year, you should have the class code sent to you via email.  I am excited about this year because I get to to challenge myself with new ways to get your all to the next level.  So let us all try our very best to put out your maximum effort in order to achieve maximum results.

I have spoken.....













 I am Larry Austin a Health and Physical Education teacher at High Point High school in Prince Georges County Maryland.  This web-site is STRICTLY used for the sole purpose of educating the students in my Physical Education classes at High Point High School.  I constructed this site to help my students understand and keep up with the heavy information load this class carries.  If you (my student) or your son/daughter are absent for any reason during the week from my class, you now have the resource to catch-up on the work that you missed.




This website will be updated weekly and necessary changes will be made to keep the content current with the activities going on in my class.